Industry & Automation Experience

Why Choose CurrentTek?

With over 15 years in automation and control system design, architecture, engineering and implementation, we’re known for our exceptional trouble shooting abilities and a knack for designing new and re-designing existing systems for optimal performance.

Business Impact

  • Made improvements that continue to save one company over $1 million annually by lowering unplanned plant downtime by 80% by ending plant crashes while improving reliability, quality and efficiency. Identified and implemented control improvements that resulted in an 80% decrease in product scrap and spills.
  • Designed and implemented control, tracking and data collection process that delivered a 30:1 return on investment in the first 12 months.
  • Track record of success in quickly bringing down plants back online.
  • Designed and programmed new expert storage and conveying system. Performance was over 50% better than the best result predicted by the OEM conveyor supplier based on similar systems. The result was the ability to run more pack lines concurrently, providing additional capacity.

Industry Experience

Ken Schiebel, the owner, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and extensive industry expertise, which includes: Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food, Aerospace, Municipal, Military, Government, Glass, Steel (Galvanizing), Metals, Packaging, Filling, Conveying, Plastics, Water, Electronics, Dairy, Pasta, Biopharmaceutical and other industries.

Experienced controls and automation engineer for operations including manufacturing, process, batching, filling, canning, bottling, mixing, recipe, batching, cooking, drying, separating, freezing, pasteurizing, homogenizing, frying, cleaning, CIP, sanitizing, SIP, sterilizing, steaming, blow molding, conveying, packaging, palletizing, tracking, tank line, storing and shipping.

Food engineering experience includes: Pasta, beverage, soup, fish, chocolate, salsa, milk, cheese and other consumer and bulk goods. USDA regulated and legal controls experience.